Beatrijs van Rheeden

Beatrijs van Rheeden
  • 2023: participant AAF Shanghai artfair with Gallery Terra Beijing

  • 2022: participant ART021 artfair Shanghai with Gallery Terra Beijing, 5+6 November participant KunstKamer Delft

  • 2019: 7/9-6/10; participant Porselein Palette, group exhibition

  • 2016: Terra 30!; 5/3-2/4 duo exhibition with Deidre McLoughlin, 4/5-25/6 participant Multiple exhibition

  • 2015: 10/1-7/2; participant Terra in China 2014, 30/5-27/6; Snijden op de Millimeter, solo exhibition

  • 2014: 20/9-30/10; participant Crossing Galleries in Sanbao-Jingdezhen, China

  • 2012: 21/4-19/5; solo exhibition

  • 2010: 27/8-16/10; participant exchange exhibition in Keramikusmüvész Pecsett, Janus Pannonius Pécs, Hongary

  • 2005: 2004: participant artfair COLLECT Londen with Terra Delft

  • 2004: 6/3-17/4 solo tentoonstelling

  • 2003: 5/10 Ceramics through Delft; installation pond parkinggarage Phoenix Delft

  • 2001: participant artfair KunstRAI with Terra Delft, 9/6-21/7 solo exhibition

  • 2000: participant artfair Art Twente 2 with Terra Delft

Her objects show great passion for structure, a regularity within which she searches for irregularity. The work invites the observer to walk around it and to follow the movement in the line and shape. Beatrijs van Rheeden's work is part of the Northern European geometric abstract tradition. The objects are built up by hand and then cut leather-hard. The porcelain is Southern Ice from Australia and is fired at a reduced temperature to 1300 degrees Celsius.

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Objects by Beatrijs van Rheeden