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Caroline Andrin

2019 participant in exhibition Figurative Sculptures 12-10/16-11 at Terra Delft

Terra Delft Gallery got to know about Andrins art works at the London art fair COLLECT when her work was shown at a college gallery. Terra Delft Gallery introduces the Swiss artist Caroline Andrin in the Netherlands. After an artist in residence period in Rome she arrives after Oxford and Montreal in Brussels, were she still lives and works.

My work explores the manufacturing process, more in particular the technique of moulding. The objects stem from the principle that one form contains another and that one function may engender a new one. For the series SKIN GAME I use leather gloves to create a range of ceramic objects. They could be hung in the hall of a country house or achalet in the woods. The title associates skin, notably that of the animal which man likes to wear, with the double meaning of ‘game’: the play and the prize of the hunt. Clay is traditionally poured into plaster moulds. Here the gloves, cutup, sewn and reassembled, are used directly as moulds. Once the objects have been fired they cultivate intrigue and play with the ambiguity of material and form. This project was initiated in 2011 with a first series of trophies. The objects form a collection of an imaginary bestiary. A collection inspired by the bewitched North of Twin Peaks, where nature, man and beast meet in a play that is at once candid, sensual and sometimes bestial. In the transformation from skin-tight accessory to mounted object, the leather gloves assume their full meaning.

Objects by Caroline Andrin