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Hans van der Weijden

Hans van der Weijden (NL) is in 1986 graduated with honors at the Academy of fine arts in Maastricht, Department of design in metals and plastics. This jewelry maker has its own style developed in which the objects are composed of finds and own admixtures. Van der Weijden’s work was seen in the spring edition 2017 of the KunstKamer Delft, a biennial arts manifestation partly organized by Terra Delft. His chests and boxes are lovingly compiled from diverse materials, and the goldsmith’s craft forms the basis. The ceramic elements in his objects include antique Delftware shards, glassware, and pots. Recently added to these are perfume bottles from Jingdezhen, the Chinese city of porcelain and sister city of Delft.

Objects by Hans van der Weijden