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Hiroyuki Yamada

Participant exhibition Japanese Spring, ceramics by 10 Japanese artists” from Februri 23 to March 30 2019 at Terra Delft Gallery.

In the Spring of 2018 the Japanese artist Hiroyuki Yamada (J-1970) visited Terra Delft Gallery in combination with his artist-in-residence period at the EKWC; the European Ceramic Work Centre in Oisterwijk (NL). Since than Yamada’s works are incuded to the Terra Delft collection. In Asia Yamada is a well known and award winning artist. Most recent is his Honorable Mention at the 11th International Ceramic Competition in Mino, Japan. His works are represented in several private and public collections. His presentation at the Terra Delft Gallery is his introduction in Europe. The collection consists objects and bowls in white, black and/or yellow. The abstract objects stand on a kind of roots which gives the solid sculptures a lightness as if they are dancing. Every object is unique.

Objects by Hiroyuki Yamada