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Karin Bablok

Participant in ‘Porcelain Palette’, an international exhibition with porcelain art & design made by seven different artists; 7/9-6/10 2019 at Terra Delft Gallery.

Her solo exhibition ‘Kreisrund mit Kante’ can be seen in the Oltholstein Museum in Euting (D) from 23/8-3/11 2019.

Karin Bablok turns very thin porcelain bowls. Each bowl is formed by cutting, deforming, and re-assembling. She aims to find harmony in the combination of interior and exterior by drawing lines, sometimes geometric, at other times nonchalant brushstrokes. The work is limited to monochromatic black and white: a silk matt basalt glaze on pure porcelain. Her ‘multiples’, a series of beakers, are all wheel thrown by hand and garnished with a unique decoration.

Objects by Karin Bablok