Mariëtte van der Ven

Mariëtte van der Ven
  • 2023: selected for Ceramics Award De Kei 2023, participant Terra's Figuratives '23

  • 2022: Time for a change, solo-exhibition Oct.8 - Nov.18 Terra Delft

  • 2017: participant KunstKamer Delft

  • 2016: Terra 30! duo exhibition Malene Hartmann Rasmussen & Mariëtte van der Ven

  • 2015: Figuratives, group exhibition at Terra Delft

  • 2013: Terra in China - China in Terra, group-exhibition Old Church Delft / Shanghai Art Fair / Shenzhen Art Fair met Terra Delft / with Terra Deft at KunstRAI Amsterdam, artfair Amsterdam / with Terra Delft at COLLECT, artfair Londen, 2010-2011-2012-2013

  • 2012: Jingdezhen China; participant artist in residence in Sanbao Int. Ceramic Art Institute

  • 2011: participant exhibition Brandpunt Terra, Figuratives in Old Church Delft / solo exhibition at Terra Delft

  • 2010: with Terra Delft at Object/Art Rotterdam, artfair in Rotterdam, participant exhibition in Pécs ((H)

  • 2009: Figurative in white porcelain, Louise Hindsgavl & Mariëtte van der Ven

"Mariëtte van der Ven shows figurative sculptures in ceramics. It is a series of intriguing sculptures with its own character and a deeply felt involvement in the relationship between man and nature. This shift in theme - from the vulnerable man to the vulnerability of nature - has been gradual from 2019 and means an expansion of the focus on vulnerability rather than a turnaround in subject choice: 'It was not a conscious choice but a commitment, a logical consequence of the developments around us: climate change, wars, nitrogen problems and others.'" as published by Piet Augustijn in KLEI ceramics magazine

22-10vdVen tekst

Van der Ven: "For the last two years I have focused on new paths for my ceramic figurative sculptures and besides my unglazed porcelain work, I started using fire clay to make larger work. In addition to its beautiful quality, porcelain also has its limitations including size. “Ordinary” clay can technically handle more but does not have the beautiful skin of porcelain and must therefore be finished with a glaze or other material. A new, enormous world in which I have entered and where now the first results are visible."

Objects by Mariëtte van der Ven