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Marja Hooft

Before Marja Hooft (Amsterdam 1946) began her long career as a teacher of ceramics, she worked at the Experimental Department of the Royal Delft factory and in the European Ceramic Work Centre at that time based in Heusden. In her early work as an independent ceramic artist formed nature landscapes the inspiration for her panels. In 1985 she took the initiative for founding of the artists’ group Cheops. With this she worked until 1997 to various theme projects. This group sought to create an alternative for the mostly traditional Dutch ceramics. The experiment and the principal artistic cross-pollination. This collective was raised in 1996. Since then, her attention mostly to the human figure. She makes mainly animal and human figures. These are bright narrative objects, where man and animal support each other and occasionally seem to run into each other.

Objects by Marja Hooft