Mechtild Paauwe

Mechtild Paauwe
  • 2022: participant exhibition Echo of Majiayao: Sept.3 - Oct.2 Terra Delft Gallery, May 14 - June 25 Old Church Delft

  • 2019: participant Majiayao Culture Explored project China

"The ancient vases and pots of the Majiayao were constructed by hand 5,000 years ago. What makes them special is that they have a great degree of perfection. The curves and tension lines are perfect. They appear to be thrown on the wheel, but that is impossible, as the pottery wheel had not yet been invented at that time.

As with the Majiayao, the vase shape plays an important role in my work. I transform the different shapes and tensions in my own way. In my hand-built designs, multiple vase contours fuse into a single vase object. The different textures in the objects refer to the painted patterns on the Neolithic vases. It is an ode to the silhouette of the vase, from then to now."

Objects by Mechtild Paauwe