Mieke de Groot

Mieke de Groot
  • 2023: selected for Ceramics Award De Kei 2023, participant AAF Shanghai with Gallery Terra Beijing

  • 2022: participant ART021 artfair Shanghai with Gallery Terra Beijing

  • 2018: participant KunstKamer Delft spring edition

  • 2016: participant KunstRAI with Terra Delft, participant Terra 30!

  • 2015: Structures in shades of blue, solo at Terra Delft

  • 2014: participant Crossing Galleries in Sanbao Int. Ceramic Art Museum, participant Shanghai Art Design Exhibition in Power Station of Art with Terra Delft

  • 2013: participant Shanghai Art Fair & Shenzhen Art Fair with Terra Delft, participant Beijing Design Week with Terra Delft, participant exhibition Terra in China - China in Terra in Old Church Delft with Terra Delft, participant RAW Art Fair Rotterdam with Terra Delft

  • 2012: participant KunstRAI with Terra Delft, participant exchange programm in Sanbao-Jingdezhen withTerra Delft, participant Shanghai Art Fair with Terra Delft

  • 2010: participant exhibition in Ceramics museum Pecsett in Pécs (H) with Terra Delft

  • 2000: participant Art Twente artfair Hengelo with Terra Delft

  • 1999: participant KunstRAI artfair Amsterdam with Terra Delft

  • 1992-1995-2003-2006-2012: solo-exhibition at Terra Delft

  • 1990: participant Ceramics '90 with Terra Delft

Characteristic of her representations are the abstracts, autonomous objects of mathematical proportions. They seem to float, despite their robustness. Their interface is the point at which the shape is in balance. The dimensions and the ratios reflect the harmonious balance of natural growth processes. Harmony is also recognisable in the use of colours, often blue and green tints, and in the game played by light and shadow on the surface.

Objects by Mieke de Groot