Olav Slingerland

Olav Slingerland

Solo exhibition at Terra Delft Gallery in 2020 from 30 Oct. – 28 Nov.

This artist discovered the art of small-scale casting of ceramics during his Industrial Design study.By keeping control of the total process from design to end product, he is able to produce small series of a very personal nature.His earthenware bowls and dishes are characterised by the combination of terra sigillata and glossy glaze. His objects explore the limits of traditional craft and design.

More info by Kleine K: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmXSqGT6ygQ

Slingerland’s work looks typically Dutch, with clear design lines and vivid colors. Because the work is poured into molds, it is good value for money: affordable, contemporary design which is often functional as well.

Objects by Olav Slingerland