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Sunday 6 Dec

Extra open from 11:00 to 17:00

Sylvie Enjalbert

Bols de France; duo exhibition 18/05/2019 – 29/06/2019 with Anne-Soline Barbaux

My pots are like resonances, translations of original and universal palpitations. These are evocations of pots: the old pots contained water, seeds, they were used to store, to keep or to cook, they contained food. The pots that I form nourish me at the source of what I am. Thus, a dialogue can be established between the current object and the artistic object. On the surface of my pots appears a movement created by the imprint of my thumb, like small waves. From this irregular aspect of the room emerges a particular soul that comes from imprint, feel this humanity, this simple thing of the fingerprint, as a movement of life. At the same time, my creations bear immemorial and contemporary resonances, a quest for universality. Always everywhere, the earth, the hand, the pot. By a slow and meticulous work, I try to reach a form of apparent simplicity, form as proof. Proof that would eliminate any idea of ​​belonging to a culture a continent, an era. The form can be quickly upset. The balance search is done on the basis of the pot and continues on the line. Every little handle, every little advantage I can add has a meaning. The form allows or not these additions. A detail can break the harmony of a pot or to sublimate it.

photo: Lisa Renberg

Objects by Sylvie Enjalbert