Wouter Dam

Wouter Dam
  • 2022 participant 36 Vase Parade; May 8 - July 2 at Terra Delft Gallery

Dutch ceramic sculptor Wouter Dam combines traditional crafts with free sculptural ceramics.  To create his elegant, undulating and abstract sculptures he begins at the wheel, throwing numerous stoneware cylinder, vase and bowl shapes. These he cuts and joins together to form ribbon-like shapes that twist and flow.  Each piece is unique and evolves over time. Wouter approaches the work intuitively, working with the ribbons of clay, influenced by previous works and natural forms such as aquatic shapes and creatures, plant seeds and floral buds. He adds subtle colour by way of matte pigments that are sprayed onto the surface to enhance shape and shadow.

Dam’s architect father encouraged him to explore form and beauty from a young age. In 1975, he enrolled at The Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam where he began his exploration of shape and volume which continues to fascinate him today.

Dam’s work is exhibited internationally and is included in numerous collections including the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Detroit Institute of Art (USA).

"Just a vague memory of the real thing, just a hint. I don’t try to do conceptual art. I want people to create their own ideas when they look at my work. For me the main thing is that people are pleased when they truly look.”

Objects by Wouter Dam