What is ZhenXi?

ZhenXi is ceramic design for table use, designed in China and produced by Li Zhen from China and Simone Haak from the Netherlands. The similarities between Li Zhen and Simone led them to share their experience, knowledge and ideas in order to bring higher-quality products to the public.

The ZhenXi name

The name ZhenXi is combined from Zhen, from Li Zhen, and Xi, from Ximeng. Ximeng is Simone Haak’s Chinese name. Loosely translated from Chinese, Zhenxi means ‘doing something with love, putting your heart into it, cherishing something of value’.

The ZhenXi products

The grey, green and blue tints are inspired by nature. Grey stands for stone and rock, green for trees and plants, and blue for sky and water. The reoccuring concentric circles suggest the eternity of time, the circle of life. The round forms have been designed to fit comfortably in one’s hand and lend themselves readily to use. Quality is an essential aspect of ZhenXi.

Objects by ZhenXi