Porcelain Palette

Porcelain Palette
Sep 6, 2019 - Oct 5, 2019
Terra Delft Gallery
Terra Delft Gallery

This group exhibition with the theme ‘porcelain’ will feature different subjects such as vases and bowls, abstract objects and lamps.

Porcelain is a specific form of ceramic, made of kaolinite, quartz and feldspar, and fired at a temperature of 1250° to 1350° Celcius. Porcelain is white, hard, translucent, and not porous. This elegant material is, however, challenging to work with, requiring a great deal of skill and ceramic mastery to create products of high quality.

Design and art are fused in this diverse group exhibition, which is the point of departure of Terra Delft Gallery in order to show the diversity that exists in ceramics. There are hand-formed abstract objects as well as poured functional objects. The decorations are alternately hand-painted, glazed, or applied in relief.

All of the work is of a high quality and recognizeable as a signature of the artists. The functional pieces by Bablock, the duo Groh + Nishida, and Haenen are quite different in character, owing to the different decoration techniques which have been used. And naturally each artist has his or her own style of design. The work by Haenen is produced in China and is being shown at Terra Delft for the first time.

Amy Cooper has formed an alliance with a cabinetmaker, which has resulted in a series of desk lamps and standing lamps. The stylized wooden supports combine beautifully with the romantic porcelain lampshades. Van Leemput has also collaborated, but then with one of the other exhibiting artists: he and Yeung have produced a series of decorated bowls together. Van Rheeden exhibits not only objects, but also jewelry, made with the same slicing technique as the rest of her work.

Participants a.o.:

  • Karin Bablok

  • Amy Cooper

  • Babs Haenen

  • Groh+Nishida

  • Guy van Leemput

  • Beatrijs van Rheeden

  • Yuk Kan Yeung

With this exhibition we hope to show the irresistible attractive power of a variety of designs in porcelain.