3M International

3M International
Dec 4, 2020 - Feb 12, 2021
Terra Delft Gallery

An exhibition in which three ceramists of stature come together: unique objects by Mieke de Groot, Martin McWilliam and Michael Cleff. They will show pieces which correspond in terms of quality, but differ in technique.

Mieke de Groot makes abstract objects, executed in various colors and featuring rhythmic patterns. Her autonomous works demonstrate her enormous experience with glaze and oxides. These reveal themselves, after firing, in a wide range of predominantly matte colors. The forms appear robust, while the relief patterns provide a certain elegance and gracefulness.

Martin McWilliam is widely praised for his pot and vase forms in which he plays with dimensions; his work suggests a non-existant physical depth. Wood firing ensures a ‘skin’ which is which is scored uncontrollably during the firing process. Then the recognizable forms are cut up, twisted, and replaced. Vertical glass columns separate the elements of the work. The industrial appearance of the glass contrasts with the grey-brown ceramic.

Michael Cleff makes architectural forms which can hang and stand. In this exhibit an attractive variation in form and color will be shown. The basis of his work is usually grey; subsequently, minimal color is added to this. Cleff will also display several photographs in addition to his ceramic objects. Already framed, these photographs show details of his objects which, once isolated and enlarged, recall associations with landscapes and nature.

Three artists who belong to the permanent ‘stable’ of Gallery Terra Delft join forces starting in December in this ‘3M International’ exhibition. They are connected by their unconventional and original way of working.