Ceramics Comrades

Ceramics Comrades
Mar 29, 2024 - Apr 19, 2024
Terra Delft Gallery

Galerie Terra Delft has built intensive relationships in China since 2011. One of them is with Li Zhen; a young man who makes ceramics and is a welcome addition to the ceramics scene in Jingdezhen. His work consists of functional objects, primarily made on the wheel, and with understated decoration in keeping with Chinese tradition..

Last year our friend married Lulu, also an artist but more focused of painting in patterns for fabric, among other things. Her ceramic work has an entirely different point of departure: not necessarily functional, it is exuberant and tells a story.

This duo exhibition shows that there is irrepressible creativity developing in Jingdezhen. We delight in the diversity and variety of this young couple’s work!

Lulu en Li Zhen