Petra Bittl solo

Petra Bittl solo
Oct 8, 2021 - Nov 19, 2021
Terra Delft Gallery

Petra Bittl uses a combination of techniques for her ceramics. Her forms, built up by hand, sometimes have a base thrown on the wheel. A great technical knowledge and passion manifest themselves in her free and authentic forms.

The work is recognizable; Bittl has incorporated her personality into originally traditional forms. The frequently high, organic vase forms possess an understated identity that remains in the mind’s eye. These objects are in and of themselves strong, but still combine well in pairs or trios. The slender forms are painted in different ways with colored clay slib and are constructed of stoneware.

“My objects are still vase forms; they have an opening which is very important to me, but they are on the border between figure and vase. The surface covers the form as an overcoat and separates it into different parts such as head, torso, and lower body. They have a feminine ambiance. The colors are those of autumn, and are a harbinger of winter.”

Sometimes she paints directly on the form, and sometimes on a plasterboard, after which she transfers the painting in its entirety onto the form. The paintings are always abstract and the use of color is subdued, with occasionally a gold accent. She also uses the technique of applying pieces of porcelain to the surface or scoring it. In addition to the spatial work, in this exhibition Petra Bittl also shows a series of wall objects decorated in the same way. These wall pieces are a lovely addition, in which the style of painting and decorating clearly comes into the foreground.

The unique objects display a love of working with clay, proclaiming Petra Bittl’s exciting and appealing debut at Galerie Terra Delft.