Delft Ceramics Days 2023

Delft Ceramics Days 2023
Jun 24, 2023 - Jun 25, 2023
Markt Delft
Terra Delft Gallery

The second edition in 2023 of the Delftse Keramiek Dagen will consist of a two-day ceramics market on 24 and 25 June and all kinds of other activities in the period around this date.

This ceramics event will start in May with a bowl making and decorating workshop in Cultuurhuis Delft. In five sessions, Delft artists Ellen Rijsdorp and Simone Haak guide visitors to Cultuurhuis Delft and local residents in creating something unique in ceramics.

From mid-May, the Terra Delft Gallery will be hosting the ceramics exhibition 'East Asia in Delft', where nine artists from East Asia will show sculptures, wall pieces and bowls; a rich variety in, among other things, porcelain. The enthusiastic gallery owners are happy to share their knowledge and experiences with visitors.

At the ceramics market quality and diversity can be seen and for sale by 80 artists from Delft, the Netherlands and abroad. All this beauty is presented in a variety of stalls on the beautiful market square in the historic center of Delft. Surrounded by a variety of cozy restaurants and cafes, it is a good place to be! Other activities include workshops, exhibitions, guided tours, hands-on activities for children and other target groups and other activities around the theme of ceramics.

During the market in the last weekend of June, visitors can also take a special ceramics tour in Museum Prinsenhof Delft. The ceramics collection of this museum is large and ranges from archaeological finds to contemporary art. The worldwide reputation of Delft as a ceramic city is shown here. The cozy terraces around the Markt and in the rest of the center and the range of shops, museums and galleries in the city also make a multi-day visit to the event worthwhile. With the Delft Ceramics Days, the role of Delft Ceramics City is again fulfilled and strengthened.