‘Bold & Delicate’: Yuk-Kan Yeung solo

‘Bold & Delicate’: Yuk-Kan Yeung solo
Sep 3, 2021 - Oct 2, 2021
Terra Delft Gallery

In this solo exhibition at Terra Delft Gallery, Yuk-Kan Yeung depicts two contradictory forces both in porcelain and on paper: courage and vulnerability. She often paints and sketches on paper, sometimes rolling up the paper, and she thus came up with the idea of the rolled-up porcelain form: a spatial bearer of her painting.

On her objects she combines powerful brush strokes with refined, sensitive pencil lines. Sometimes she uses subdued watercolor-like tints to represent tranquility. “Drawing brings me back to my own culture, my passion for Chinese calligraphy. I draw from my own intuition, a pure and direct approach. With a few movements on an empty sheet of paper or on a rolled-up porcelain form I can simultaneously express both balance and tension. Just as in traditional Chinese painting, I leave the empty space open. This emptiness is just as full as the area that is filled in: a playground for the imagination.”

The work is a search for balance in contradictions: light and dark, movement and stillness, open and closed; and for this exhibition: courage and vulnerability. The sources of inspiration are the experience of life itself, literature, poetry, architecture, and nature.

“As an artist I find it important to discover the freedom in yourself and to search for a visual language to express this freedom in materials and techniques.” With the prone open forms she creates an open space, a limitless playing field of time and emotions. The paper accordion-pleat book is shown as an open object, a performance of dancing lines and colors.