Brush on Ceramics

Brush on Ceramics
Feb 25, 2022 - Mar 26, 2022
Terra Delft Gallery

Group exhibition with painted ceramic objects from:

  • Susanne Silvertant / Marie-José Leenders

  • Yuk-Kan Yeung

  • Ines de Booij

  • Karin Bablok

  • John Higgins

  • Jan Kamphuis

  • Li Zhen / ZhenXi

In the 36-year existence of Galerie Terra Delft, it has always been an aim to show the diversity that exists in ceramics as a subject. And that diversity is great!

The material clay can be molded into all kinds of shapes; from large to small – abstract to figurative – applied to autonomous. This is what makes the subject so incredibly interesting. In these manifestations, material, glaze, skin and, last but not least, the decoration determine the character of the works.

These decorations are sometimes more than that, they have become paintings. In connection with the form, these paintings emphasize the uniqueness of the works. In this exhibition “Brush on ceramics” we show paintings that have been applied to vases and sculptures, to abstract shapes and bowls.

Work by renowned artists who have chosen their own way in contemporary art through ceramics.