Terra Delft and Terra Beijing - Heading towards a sunny future

Terra Delft and Terra Beijing - Heading towards a sunny future

Published on Jan 16, 2021

Delft – In these difficult corona times, small shops are experiencing a lot of pressure. How to survive during the lockdown and how to stay afloat once the world becomes normal again?

Despite the mandatory closing, in the historical center of Delft the owners of Gallery Terra Delft haven’t been sitting still. Since 2012 they have organized artist exchange visits and exhibits in China. Now it is time for a more permanent step. This spring Terra will open a branch in Beijing: Terra Beijing.

At the moment the boxes are being carefully packed with ceramics to be transported to China. At the same time, work in Beijing proceeds diligently to get the new gallery in tip-top shape. Just five kilometers from Tiananmen Square and The Gate of Heavenly Peace, this exhibition space is now being modernized and furnished.

A young Chinese couple, Yingchao Wu and Di Cao, will run the gallery in Beijing. They lived and studied in Delft for 12 years, and last year decided to return permanently to China. Yingchao and Di learned the ins and outs of gallery life from Simone Haak and Joke Doedens of Gallery Terra Delft. Gallery Terra Beijing will be an international gallery for contemporary ceramics and will operate in cooperation with Gallery Terra Delft.

A new international collaboration which speaks the universal language of art – with four gallery operators who communicate in English, Chinese, and Dutch!

For information please contact the gallery in Delft: info@terra-delft / 06-22436237 (Simone Haak)

Terra's International Team