Boxes arrived in Beijing

Boxes arrived in Beijing

Published on Apr 14, 2021

The boxes have arrived!

Delft - This spring, Terra will open a branch in Beijing: Terra Beijing. At a distance of 5 km from Het Plein van de Hemelse Vrede, an exhibition space is being modernized and furnished.

The collection will be a mix of Western and Eastern contemporary ceramics. Simone Haak, owner of Terra Delft, has carefully packed four large crates to transport the ceramic works of art to China. After a six-week sea voyage, these boxes arrived in the port city of Tianjin, where customs checked and approved the contents; Terra could continue!

Yingchao Wu and Di Cao, a young Chinese couple, will run the gallery in Beijing. After being released by Chinese customs they were deported and on Saturday morning at 7am they were unloaded on the sidewalk of the building where the gallery is located. The fragile works of art have arrived in good condition and the exhibition can be arranged!

Interieur Beijing
Interieur Terra Beijing in progress

But first, the gallery's furnishing must be completed according to the guidelines of the architect XiaoTing Chen, and it takes a little more. Such as creating a tiled wall at the entrance where the direct link with Delft will be visible in blue and white. These tiles were produced by hand in Jingdezhen. 145 LED spots were placed in the renewed ceiling to illuminate the artworks well. And finally, the cabinets and consoles are installed.

A great adventure between East and West is realized here on a small scale!

For information, please contact the gallery in Delft: info @ terra-delft / +31(0)6-22436237 (Simone Haak)

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