SS-MJL 20-01 raku wallcube, handpainted, 18x18x10cm, TerraDelft1
SS-MJL 20-01 raku wallcube, handpainted, 18x18x10cm, TerraDelft2

Wallcube painted #1

Artist Susanne Silvertant



TechniqueHandbuilt, Hand Painted, Raku
Width18 cm
Height18 cm
Depth10 cm

The Japanese word Sumi-e is composed of Sumi (black ink) and e (painting). Sumi-e is beauty that is achieved with a minimum of means. It is the wonder of a brushstroke, the nuances of a stain. Raku means joy, the pleasure in doing. A direct, Japanese firing technique, the result of which is never entirely predictable. By bringing these two techniques together, an exciting new connection is created, in which the beauty of the imperfect, coincidence and wonder are central. The choice to shape the clay by hand is an essential part of this. Susanne Silvertant - ceramicist / Marie-José Leenders - painter