ST22-2 set Sekki cups, h.8xd.8cm, stoneware, TerraDelft

Cup Sekki

Artist Shingo Takeuchi 竹内 真吾 

TechniqueCarved, Handbuilt
MaterialGlaze, Stoneware
Width8 cm
Height8 cm
Depth8 cm

Sekki is a name that classifies pottery in Japan, pottery is divided into earthenware, china, and stoneware. Earthenware is absorbent, needs to be glazed. China is made of white soil that does not absorb water, stoneware (sekki) is a mix colors to avoid water absorption. In Japan sekki is commonly referred to as “burn together”. This way of saying is often used for traditional ceramics. My work is not traditional, I dare to use the word “sekki” as a work title.

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