Sophie Taeuber Arp opt

Sophie Täuber-Arp

Artist Stephanie Marie Roos



TechniqueHand Painted, Handbuilt
MaterialGlaze, Engobe, Gold-luster Glaze, Stoneware
Width30 cm
Height30 cm
Depth4 cm

Part of the 2022 four-part series "Ode to Female Artists"

Female Artists Relief Set02t

Wallpiece tribute to Sophie Täuber-Arp. Sophie Henriette Gertrud Taeuber-Arp (1889 – 1943) was a Swiss artist, painter, sculptor, textile designer, furniture and interior designer, architect, and dancer. Born in 1889 in Davos, and raised in Trogen, Switzerland, she attended a trade school in St. Gallen and, later, art schools in Germany, before moving back to Switzerland during the First World War. At an exhibition in 1915, she met for the first time the German-French artist Hans-Jean Arp, whom she married shortly after. It was during these years that they became associated with the Dada movement, which emerged in 1916, and Taeuber-Arp's most famous works – Dada Head (Tête Dada; 1920) – date from these years. They moved to France in 1926, where they stayed until the invasion of France during the Second World War, at the event of which they went back to Switzerland. In 1943, she died in an accident with a leaking gas stove. Despite being overlooked since her death, she is considered one of the most important artists of concrete art and geometric abstraction of the 20th century.