Villaverde 5; Standing woman, h.33,5x14x12cm, TerraDelft2
Villaverde 4; Apple, h.15x13x11cm, black-red deco, TerraDelft2
Villaverde 3; Apple, h.15x13x11cm, black deco, TerraDelft2

Vilma Villaverde

Artist Divers


Vilma Villaverde (1942) is the nestor of the fourteen artists that completed the artist-in-residence in 2019 in Majiayao, China. The Argentine artist has women as the main subject and usually performs them in large dimensions. For the exhibition Echo by Majiayao she limited herself to smaller formats. She has also added decorations that resemble original Majiayao motifs and motifs of the first inhabitants of her homeland.

#3 Apple 1; h.15x13x11cm € 75 #4 Apple 2; h.15x13x11cm € 85 #5 Standing woman; h.33,5x14x12cm € 1.250 #6 Braid woman; h.44x44x12cm € 2.900