RE2303 Leaning Clock Fruitsalad, cm, aardewerk-glazuur-uurwerk, TerraDelft1

Leaning Clock Fruit Salad

Artist Ross Emerson

TechniqueHand Painted, Handbuilt
MaterialGlaze, Earthenware

Hand built clocks, modelled, thrown, twisted and bent. Colourful and Imaginative Creations. “I find there is something exciting about the final stage of finishing a clock. I never quite know what the final piece will look like until the end. I will have an idea in mind, which will usually metamorphosis, as new and random themes are added. My influences are diverse, from painters like Chagall, Hieronymus Bosch, Escher and Dali to the humorous nonsense of Edward Lear.”

RE2303+2306 , Leaning Clock Fruitsalad and Teapot, TerraDelft
Leaning Clock Fruit Salad & Teapot Lines