JLi-191 Bowl, woodfired, h.10x16x18cm, TerraDelft-1
JLi-192 Bowl, woodfired, h.10xd.17cm, TerraDelft-2
JLi-193 Bowl, woodfired, h.14x18x19cm, TerraDelft-3
JLi-194 Bowl, woodfired, h.12x18x20cm, TerraDelft-4
JLi-195 Bowl, woodfired, h.12xd.18cm, TerraDelft-5
JLi-196 Bowl, woodfired, h.11xd.19cm, TerraDelft-6
JLi-197 Bowl, woodfired, h.12x20x21cm, TerraDelft-7
JLi-198 Bowl, woodfired, h.12x15x16cm, TerraDelft-8
JLi-199 Bowl, woodfired, h.13x19x20cm, TerraDelft-9
JLi-1910 Bowl, woodfired, h.13x19x18cm, TerraDelft-10
JLi-1911 Bowl, woodfired, h.11xd.17cm, TerraDelft-11
JLi-1912 Bowl, woodfired, h.12x18x17cm, TerraDelft-12

Bowl - woodfired

Artist Jackson (Jiansheng) Li

TechniqueHandbuilt, Hand Painted, Wheel-thrown, Woodfired
MaterialGlaze, Earthenware

During a stay in Europe, Jackson Li made a series of bowls on the potter's wheel that were then fired in the wood kiln. The result is a variation in shape, color and size, but all unmistakably by the hand of this Chinese ceramist.

The wood firing has strongly influenced the surfaces, which is reflected in luster and volcano-like effects. Each bowl is unique.