PB22-W1 dark bluw wall piece 1, h.50,5x36x3,5cm, stoneware, TerraDelft
PB22-W2 dark bluw wall piece 2, h.50x36,5x3,5cm, stoneware, TerraDelft
PB22-W3 dark bluw wall piece 3, h.50x35,5x3,5cm, stoneware, TerraDelft

Dark blue wall pieces

Artist Peter Beard

TechniquePolished, Handbuilt, Hand Painted
MaterialStoneware, Glaze
Width36 cm
Height50 cm
Depth3 cm

This wax-resist wallpieces (h.50xw.36cm each) involve combinations of shiny, matt and semi-matt glazes built up in layers to create their textural surfaces during firing. Wax is used to isolate areas during glaze application.

These wall pieces are perfect by themselves but also beautiful in combination with each other.

PB22-W2+W1, TerraDelft2

two wall pieces together, L = #2 / R = #1