Claire Verkoyen

Claire Verkoyen

On eggshell porcelain

The ultra-thin eggshell porcelain forms the ‘canvas’ for my depictions. I purchase the porcelain, which is traditionally manufactured in China, directly from small isolated workshops in the city of Jingdezhen.

To make a porcelain thin like this is a tremendous technical achievement, which has its roots deep in 16th century China. The identical but differently sized shapes, perfectly moulded deep bowls were, after high firing, decorated at a lower temperature with very detailed on glaze decorations, either hand painted or printed.

With these bowls the Chinese craftsmen balance on the edge of what is possible in porcelain. The production process is difficult to control, the risk on deformation being high. The quality of the Chinese porcelain cannot be equalled outside of China, it is very translucent, white and strong. During the production process almost half of the pieces is thrown away, as the risk of deformations is big. This is why the price of the white ware is considerable.

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