Daphne Corregan

Daphne Corregan
  • 2024 participant KunstKamer Delft May 25 + 26 Oude Delft 210

  • 2023 solo exhibition

  • 2022 participant 36 Vaze parade

  • 2017 participant Xishuangbanna - Yunan China by Terra Delft

  • 2016 Terra 30! duo exhibition with Monika Debus (D)

  • 2014 Air and balance; making the unseen visible; duo exhibition with Gilles Suffren

  • 2009 participant Art London - Royal Hospital London with Terra Delft, solo exhibition

  • 2006 participant artfair Collect - V&A London with Terra Delft Gallery, solo exhibition at Terra Delft

  • 2005 participant Art Amsterdam (solo) with Terra Delft Gallery

  • 2003 solo exhibition

Daphne Corregan was born in the USA, studied in France and still resides in the south of France. There’s always a sensitive intuition at the roots of Daphne Corregan’s work that she sketches out either in drawings, photographs or even through a conversation, becoming possible cornerstones for her ceramic art. Corregan works more on the representation of the object than on the object itself. She wants to demonstrate that a pot, for example, may become just as important as a sculpture or painting by removing it from its daily context. She will flatten it, exaggerate its size or even highlight only one of its details. Daphne calls herself a butterfly, flitting from one territory to another but always true to her original interests: architecture, the body, and the ceramic lexicon.

“Since the beginning of my career I have been strongly influenced by fabrics and folk clothing. I love the contrasts of a complicated pattern or surface structure in relation to a simple, ugly, or clumsy form. The two are matched together and help each other to exist and become something new.”

17 Fingerprint vases

Objects by Daphne Corregan