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李振 LiZhen

Li Zhen, born in 1987 in Shandong province , graduated from the Ceramic Art Institute in Jingdezhen in China in 2012 and started then to work as an assistant to international artists in the Sanbao Int. Ceramic Art Village Jingdezhen. Since 2013 he has had his own studio in Jingdezhen. During his assist in Sanbao in 2012 Li Zhen got to know Simone Haak, founder & owner of the Terra Delft Gallery. This assist has changed into a cooperation and now they work together as ‘ZhenXi’, a brand which contains handmade ceramics in-between East and West. Li Zhen’s ceramics contains teapots, vases, plates, bowls and boxes. In his decorations one can see that he started his art education as a painter. His works show a strong Chinese identity.

Objects by 李振 LiZhen