Paul-Robin Sjöström

Paul-Robin Sjöström
  • 2023 A Sunny Day solo exhibition, Sept.2 - Oct.7 Terra Delft Gallery, Nov.4+5 participant KunstKamer Delft

  • 2022 participant Echo of Majiayao, Sept.3 - Oct.2 Terra Delft Gallery, May 14 - June 25 Old Church Delft

  • 2019 participant in: Majiayao Culture Explored project China

Paul-Robin Sjöström's work is characterized by a vibrant playfulness, strong monochrome colors, and a matte finish with clear shapes, saturated with symbolism.

The Majiayao culture was discovered by Swedish archaeologist Johan Gunnar Andersson and I remember seeing the old ceramics at the Museum of Far Eastern Antiques in Stockholm when I was a child. Being able to visit where these pots were made some 5000 years ago was very special.

Objects by Paul-Robin Sjöström