Echo of Majiayao

Echo of Majiayao
Sep 2, 2022 - Oct 1, 2022
Terra Delft Gallery

After the successful presentation this spring in the Oude Kerk in Delft, the exhibition The Echo of Majiayao is now also shown in the gallery. In a reduced version, though.

All works were created as a result of the intensive, five-week artist-in-residence period that the eleven artists experienced in the spring of 2019. In Majiayao, in northwest China, they worked in the same area where Neolithic pots were found a century ago. These painted pots from 5000 years ago were named after their origin: the Majiayao culture. This exhibition is accompanied by a richly illustrated catalog (€15) in which the history of Majiayao, a report of the working period and the experiences of each artist are described. The introduction was written by the Belgian Jan Walgraven, ceramic lover, art critic and honorary director of Antwerp museums.