Peter Beard

Peter Beard

Peter Beard has a contemplative approach to making and he spends a lot of time drawing lines and sketching out ideas for new pieces. This approach eventually produces beautiful, considered objects that are contemporary, but which owe an allegiance to history, giving them a timeless quality. His strong simple shapes are decorated with complex surfaces to complement the form and excite the eye, drawing an emotional response from the viewer.

His wax-resist pieces involve combinations of shiny, matt and semi-matt glazes built up in layers to create their textural surfaces during firing. Wax is used to isolate areas during glaze application.

He also makes ground pieces. The technique here involves the layering of coloured clays and glaze and then grinding back the glazed surface to reveal intricate patterns within a silky smooth marble-like finish which is beautifully tactile. These pieces can take up to six months to complete and are the culmination of hours of experimentation and development. His work has been exhibited around the world and is represented in numerous museums, public collections and private collections in the UK and overseas. He has also received numerous awards from various international bodies.

“Landscape in all forms is my main source of inspiration, along with ancient artefacts from diverse cultures.”

Objects by Peter Beard