Terra's Figuratives '23

Mar 18, 2023 - May 6, 2023
Terra Delft Gallery

The collection ‘Figurative Sculptures’ in Terra Delft Gallery consists of artworks which are interpretations of tangible reality.

Archaeological finds show that making objects in clay is intrinsically linked to humans, both functionally and visually, and since prehistoric times. The contemporary artists who present their sculptures at Terra Delft vary in technique and execution. There are images that confront and there are images that please. The common denominator is the recognisability and authenticity of the works.

Group-exhibition with sculptures by:

The variation shown is exciting and attractive and consists solely of human images. The sculptures are built by hand from earthenware or porcelain, decorated with glaze, engobes, plaster or acrylic paint. All works are unique and lived through. Each individual in this group of artists shows his quality and makes the viewer realize that an above-average collection is being shown here. JP Hol shows here a series of heads made of unglazed porcelain on which accents have been applied with ceramic pencil. Sketchy and monumental, the work clearly shows distinct characters. Marja Hooft also works with porcelain on which she applies decorative motifs. At first she only did this with cobalt, in her latest work she also uses more color by applying acrylic paint. Her human figures are uncomplicated and airy and also show that sketchy quality; the aim is not for a perfect reproduction, but for an experience. Marc Janssens has the largest sculpture in the exhibition, a winged human figure h.117cm with the title 'White Angel'. Just like two other smaller works by him, the base is made of ceramics to which all kinds of materials have been added. A collage of ceramics, wood, acrylic paint and materials that reflects his signature. A counterpart to this is the work of Stephanie Marie Roos, who works exclusively with ceramic materials. Her sculptures are contemporary human figures executed with engobes and glazes. The result almost allows the viewer to experience how a material on display feels, even if it is made of ceramics. Up close you can see the regions of the clay, but you still experience an image of Roos as realistic. Her work is socially engaged and constantly evolving. The porcelain sculptures by Mariëtte van der Ven were also featured at Galerie Terra Delft in Oct.-Nov.2022 during her solo exhibition 'Time for a Change'. In this group exhibition she shows a new series of sculptures that are generally somewhat smaller in size and executed in stoneware with delicate glazes. It is a series of intriguing and realistic images that always have their own character. Van der Ven's great craftsmanship and surprising subjects are fascinating and unique. This exhibition is a continuation of previous figurative exhibitions in the Delft gallery. Since 2009, this is the sixth time that this subject has been shown here in a group context.