BB08 porselein, 3xd.3cm, TerraDelft1
BB01 porselein, 3xd.2cm, TerraDelft3
BB02 porselein, 4xd.2cm, TerraDelft3
BB03 porselein, 3xd.2cm, TerraDelft3
BB04 porselein, 3,5xd.2cm, TerraDelft3
BB05 porselein, 2,7xd.2,7cm, TerraDelft3
BB06 porselein, 2,5x2,7x2,4cm, TerraDelft3
BB07 porselein, h.4xd.2cm, TerraDelft3
BB08 porselein, h.3xd.3cm, TerraDelft3
BB09 porselein, h.3xd.2,5cm, TerraDelft3
BB10 porselein, 3,5xd.2cm, TerraDelft3

Pendant in Pouch

Artist Beatrijs van Rheeden

MaterialTextile, Porcelain

These necklaces are handmade by cutting, partly colored, porcelain and therefor it is a one off. The necklace goes with a nice pouch off felt, also handmade.

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