Bonboniere huisje dicht
Golden clouds, set van drie, TerraDelft2
Golden clouds L, h.26xd.22, casted earthenware-glaze-luster, TerraDelft1
Golden clouds M, h.18xd.19, casted earthenware-glaze-luster, TerraDelft1
Golden clouds S, h.8xd.22, casted earthenware-glaze-luster, TerraDelft2

Golden ornament

Artist Olav Slingerland

MaterialGold-luster Glaze, Earthenware

The combination of terra sigillata and glossy glaze is characteristic of Slingerland's pottery. The inside of this series of lidded pots is glazed in deep blue. The ornament on the top is glazed in shiny gold, which gives a nice contrast to the matte exterior.

This lidded vessel serie is available with a cloud or a house on top and in three sizes:

  • Large-h.26xØ22cm

  • Medium-h.18xØ19cm

  • Small-h.8xØ22cm (candy vessel)