Mr. Death, 12x4x4cm, stoneware-engobe-luster (2)
expo '21 Terra Delft Mr.Death (2)
expo '21 Terra Delft Mr.Death

Mr. Death

Artist Stephanie Marie Roos



TechniqueHand Painted, Handbuilt
MaterialEngobe, Stoneware, Silver-luster Glaze

Mini wall sculpture, part of the so-called corona series.

12 x 4 x 4 cm, wall shelf 10,5 x 7,8 cm; the object clicks to the shelf through walking stick

"I started during the pandemic situation a series of my so-called “Corona Short Stories”. These works are very small sized, displayed on small wall shelfs in a size of 3x7x10cm, and it was interesting to shrink things to this size as a possibility to put thoughts into a little scene."