JP Hol

JP Hol

Johanpeter (Jp) Hol was born in the Netherlands in 1964. He graduated with degrees in Mass Media (Utrecht, The Netherlands, 1990) and in Decoration from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera under Vincenzo Ferrari (Milan, Italy, 1999). He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions all over Europe and in Japan, and residencies in The Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and China. He works and lives in London.

As an artist, his first point of departure is an idea, not the material. His work is based on the human paradox: the individual in the group, the forlornness that you can feel even as part of that group, and the loneliness of human existence. Some related overlapping themes are the invisible things, the shadows, that which remains unsaid between members of the group and to outsiders, dystopia, and disneyfication.

In 2016 Jp was invited by Galerie Terra to work in porcelain in Sanbao, China,. It was a challenge for him to concentrate on just one kind of material, but it turned out to be in his blood.

“My work is not the book of Truth, neither the book of Light, it’s a play room gone wrong, forgotten by its creator. A place ajar where all its confused inhabitants strive for survival in a silent way.”

Objects by JP Hol